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Got Photos? Need Help?

Did you know you can hire a photo organizer who will help with all your photos?  Yes, it’s true! It can be overwhelming to handle all your printed and digital photographs by yourself.  Many people also have boxes of memorabilia that go with the photos.

You may have boxes and containers of negatives, slides, different types of film, video, and even old photo albums that are beginning to turn yellow and fall apart.

Where to begin?

I’ll help you decide and be with you through the whole process.  Having the help of a personal photo organizer is invaluable.  With special training and a love of all things related to sharing and celebrating your memories, I’m here to help you sort, organize, and enjoy your photos in a way that is meaningful for you and your loved ones.

What is a Photo Organizer?

A photo organizer is a professional business owner who understands the complicated world of traditional and digital photos.  Many people never caught up with their traditional printed photographs before technology brought digital photographs into our lives.  In addition to piles and boxes of printed photos inherited from relatives, we now have virtual piles of digital photos on our smartphones, tablets, and computers.

A photo organizer can help with both print and digital photos. From scanning and restoration for one-of-a-kind heirloom photos to the 100+ photos taken just yesterday at your child’s sporting event or school play, my specialty is helping you create systems to sort and organize all forms of your photographs and memorabilia. As a photo organizer, I can help you manage and preserve cherished memories using a combination of technology and photo safe products.

The stories that go with your photos create priceless keepsakes for you and future generations.

Why Hire a Photo Organizer?

We all need a little (or a lot) of help now and then! There was a time when you may never have dreamed of hiring a personal trainer to help you exercise or a professional organizer to help get your house in order.  Now, more than ever, hiring an expert to help in areas of your life that are important is a smart investment.  Peace of mind comes from knowing the only thing better than making memories is being able to look back and enjoy them through the photos, videos, and stories. 

Every photo project is unique and I’m here to help you get it done! Let’s start with a free 30-minute consultation and I’ll put together a custom quote for you.

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